Life Path Number

So If you watched my last video, we talked about Numerology as a whole, and if you haven’t I highly suggest you do prior to this one just to cover your basics. Long story short, Numerology is the meaning of – well, pretty much everything. But one of the aspects of Numerology- the sun sign […]

Numerology 101

Numerology is another well respected philosophical science like astrology, that dates back  hundreds to thousands of years.  Compared to the twelve zodiac signs , numerology has its 1-9 digits and three master numbers 11,22, and 33 with their own individual meaning. And like the natal charts twelve houses, numerology has its own areas of application […]

Work Your Light Oracle Card Review

Sorry for the delay! My initial upload was scrapped last minute. It just did not feel like ME. Today I did a review on my new Oracle cards called ‘Work Your Light’! Thank you for all your support and remember to always stay true to yourself.

Different Versions of us

The inspiring quote from the classic film Shrek “Ogres are like onions”, is how i’m going to introduce you to the idea that we as humans and souls show different sides of us.  I don’t know about you, but I have many different sides of me… like, MANY different sides. There’s this professional side of […]

Life After Death

Life after death is of course what happens after our physical bodies die. Whether its an accident, Bad health, old age, murder or suicide. We all die.  So naturally, we as humans talk about death because it is inevitable and there is so much unknown. Nothing concrete we can say “this is what will happen […]

Visitations From The Dead

Just to clarify, by no means am I at all claiming to be a medium of any sort. I’m just sharing my life long experience with you. Another side note is that this video solely goes over visitations in the dream realm, not when you’re awake.  So, what are visitations? For me, visitations are your […]

Tarot Cards: What are they, are not, & how to use them

So if you don’t know already, Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards that have numbers, symbols and suites on them to distinguish different meanings. You may have familiarized yourself with this stigma by envisioning psychic medium witches who have that neon palm reading sign outside their window in which you pay $100 to […]

How To Be More Spiritual

Spirituality by definition, is literally just being aware that we are all souls learning lessons here on a physical plane. That’s it. It’s not a religion, not restrictive, not a cult- more like a philosophy if anything.  When you think of someone who is spiritual, you might like me, think of a woman with wavy […]

Karma: What is it and why do we care?

In order for us to dip our toes into the language of the universe, we must understand the law of karma. What is it? And why do we care? What is Karma? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, what goes around comes around, religious verses such as “The golden rule”, “That you sow you shall also […]

What is the Language of the Universe?

The language of the universe is the feeling and clairsentience you get when you know you are on the right track. Instead of that bad feeling you get in your stomach when you’re doing something you know doesn’t align with you – you have an indescribable feeling of truth and purpose in your heart when […]

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