October 2020 Horoscope

So obviously, I concluded this month’s horoscope with astrology as my resource, but I also did a tarot reading on the month just to solidify my data. This horoscope is a general month horoscope not one for specific signs, if you are interested in your own specific horoscope based on the day, week, month, year, […]

How to Spot a Zodiac Sign: Part 2

The Libra scales are another one of my favorite signs, and they are known for their dependability and diplomacy. Libras are said to be ones who fight for what’s right, but I have not witnessed this in all of the libras I’ve met. Libras fight for what is right for THEM, in my opinion. But […]

How to Spot a Zodiac Sign: Part 1

We all know that one girl in the group who always has to ask, ‘what’s your zodiac sign?’ That’s me. The reason people like me are so annoying is because we know so much about zodiac signs and can accurately pinpoint what kind you are. It’s sort of like a guessing game in which we […]

How To Map Out Your Life: Part 2

The celestial bodies all have a gravitational force that impacts our planet and the aspects of our inner body. The chemicals in our brain, our digestive system, or blood flow Etc. So there is not only a metaphysical aspect to this but also a scientific explanation. On that note, go ahead and take out that […]

Understanding Your Natal Chart: Part 3

The inner planets are mostly conscious, individual aspects, whereas the outer planets, are more so karmic and environmental elements not necessarily in your control. They’re the big picture, rather. And to start, we’ll be talking about Jupiter! Which rules the 9th and 12th house of Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is all about abundance, so wherever […]

Understanding Your Natal Chart: Part 2

We’ll be starting off with Mercury, which naturally rules the third and sixth house of the zodiacs Gemini and Virgo, and represents conscious thinking, speaking, and your siblings.  If Mercury is in your 1st house, you may be a great socialist. When conversation is sparked with the right crowd, you naturally become a social butterfly.  […]

Understanding Your Natal Chart: Part 1

To understand how to put it all together, we need to understand the natal chart. Most free websites will give you an explanation, but understanding your natal chart yourself is a true blessing.  You have your Date, location, and time of birth, and the natal chart laid out for you. Now what? We’ll be going […]

How to Map Out Your Life: Part 1

This is intended to be an interactive workshop, so you will need something to take notes on. Doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be pen and paper, your memo’s or notebook on your phone etc. As long as you have access to it later on for when we add more elements into it and […]

What is the Language of the Universe?

The language of the universe is the feeling and clairsentience you get when you know you are on the right track. Instead of that bad feeling you get in your stomach when you’re doing something you know doesn’t align with you – you have an indescribable feeling of truth and purpose in your heart when […]

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