Life After Death

Life after death is of course what happens after our physical bodies die. Whether its an accident, Bad health, old age, murder or suicide. We all die. 

So naturally, we as humans talk about death because it is inevitable and there is so much unknown. Nothing concrete we can say “this is what will happen and how to prepare”. Can’t build a society in death, cannot create law in death, cannot be classist, racist, or sexist in death. So we write it off as scary and controversial. 

Some people and religions have their own theory on death. You die, you either go up to heaven or down to hell. You die, and nothing. It’s black and thats the end, have fun decomposing. You die, and become a ghost stuck on earth. You die and reincarnate and are born again. You die and see your loved ones. 

In older ancient times, people believed in rituals that allowed you into the afterlife. Some believed instead of just heaven and hell, there were several different places you could fall into depending on your karma – to put it frankly.  In fact, in almost every religion, there is some sort of belief that there are different realms to life after death. Catholics call it limbo, heaven, purgatory. I call them different astral planes. There is a common theme here in most belief systems. 

Here is my take. Take it with a grain of salt, I’m not telling you what to believe. I am obsessed with death. I always have been. And not in a Ted bundy kind of way, i’m not sick and malicious. But the whole concept fascinates me. When I was 7 I made a will, and I have a playlist ready to play at my funeral. When I was a toddler I used to play with ghost kids, but my realization of death started when I was 5 and I had tried to wake my grandmother up for a midnight snack. I realized she had passed very quickly, so I calmly walked to my parents room to tell them. And on my way, my grandfather who had passed years ago was holding my hand and walking with me to their door, and I watched the door handle turn and the door open for me. He disappeared, and I went to my parents and told them Grandma had passed away. 

As traumatic as it sounds, It was actually a very peaceful moment. I miss my grandma of course, but I was being comforted in a vulnerable time and from then, death has always fascinated me. So in times where everyone is hysterical and cannot think straight, I tend to be the one who is calm and level headed because someone has to be the strong one, right? So I choose to process it later on. 

As I have mentioned in my video on Visitations from the dead- the dead visit me in my dreams and after years of practicing lucid dreaming, I have been able to ask them about life after death. What is it like, is life after death anything like theories on earth? Is it heavenly? Do we reincarnate? Do you pay for karma?

This is what i’ve gathered: While the process of dying may be painful, dying is peaceful. And once you’re dead, what does that previous pain even mean? It doesn’t matter. Your physical body shuts off pain receptors when you are about to die. You then leave your body as if you were getting out of bed. It feels like you’re physically still in your body but you’re obviously not. You just hold onto that human form because it’s what you’ve been in. If you have ever astral projected, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

So if you are too emotional about your death, and you are too adamant about ‘being alive’ or staying with your house, or children or whatever. This would be that limbo Catholics talk about but let me give it a different meaning. The Ghosts you see and hear about are on a plane that’s let’s say three inches above earth. So when they walk, we see them walking on air. 

Some ghosts still carry negative energy they had in their physical life. Some just want to chill in their house. Some just don’t know what to do or are too afraid to move on. So think of this as an equal playing field of earth, just not one we can see. They have their past life characteristics, memories, actions. They might as well be alive. 

Most people when they die immediately go to the light or very shortly after. If they’re waiting for their spouse they may stick around and pass with them, but most people kinda go, “oh damn, I just died. That sucks, let’s go”. And the reason for this, is because when we don’t hold onto emotion when we pass which actually takes more effort to hold onto than not to, we think “logically” for the spirit. We understand that the physical life was only a part of our existence and that we can see our loved ones again, but our true being, family, love is in the light. So we tend to go there almost immediately. Most people think that once you go into the light, your loved ones visit you there. For me I believe that, but I also think there is at least one being that helps you pass on even before you physically die. For me, I have been showed what dying feels like at least three times while sleeping. Usually, you wake up before you die, but these specific times I was shown what it was like to die, and honestly, it was incredibly peaceful. 

When I was dying, I was laying there kind of waiting to die, and I saw my childhood cat. She was the escort for me to step out of my body and walk towards the light. I truly believe that was a real experience. And It comforts me knowing that we have someone with us to help us pass even if we die “alone”. 

So once we walk towards the light, it’s kind of like a lobby, or like grand central station. It’s a higher astral plane than “limbo” You’re trying to find out where you’re supposed to go and you’ll be greeted by familiar faces to help you. In the afterworld, we are actually just balls of conscious energy with no physical features, no gender etc. But when we pass, we need that physical recognition at first to help us understand, because we’re still freshly out of the physical world. So when you get visitations in your dreams, your loved ones are actually just taking on the form you remember them most in to make it easier for you. So this lobby, isnt really a lobby, but whatever helps you interpret what’s happening will be represented for you. This is where most souls are. 

So this is the furthest I have gone myself, but I had asked my grandmother what was after this, and she had told me that she was unsure but she wants to find out. What happens is, when you are in this place, you are evaluated to see okay do I need to reincarnate x more times to level up to the next plane? What do I need to experience in order to level up as a soul? Once you’re ready to be born again in whatever life, species, etc. You live it and come back and knock out as many lives as you can so that you don’t have to reincarnate anymore. 

This is also the plane where you can visit your loved ones and check up on them, visit their dreams or whatever. Now, thinking of having to life more lifetimes sounds exhausting, but time is infinite here, and If you want to see what’s next, you have to do your homework. So souls are pretty eager to reincarnate because its one step closer to what’s next. 

If you do your research on astral planes, you’ll have a good idea of what planes are next, all I can say is I believe our spirit guides are somewhere on the next plane since they know how to guide us in the experiences we have in the physical world. The other thing to be mindful about is that if you do not go to the light, but you also don’t stay in limbo, you may go an astral plane beneath the physical world which is interpreted as hell. I wouldn’t say you sit there burning alive for eternity, but more like, you are in a state of sadness, madness, and every low you can think of because thats what you feed off of. You can only move out of it with self growth and will which can take longer than an average lifetime. So this is not a place you want to be, not beings you want to surround yourself by, because you have what they don’t so make sure you are always going towards lightness, and positivity. 

So why is living so important if it’s only a fraction of our existence? Well, like I said, we need to add lifetimes to our resume to be able to move forward. We have lessons to learn, and karma we need to balance. Do not be afraid to live. In no way am I saying, let’s all kill ourselves and enjoy the afterlife. Ending your mission early might be the mission itself but it might also be a waste of a lifetime in which you have to relearn those lessons. So my thought process on this is to not only not be afraid of death, but don’t be afraid to live either. All is necessary, all is love, all is purpose. Live your life till the end, be a good person, pay attention to the language of the world so you can better understand what you were sent to learn, and don’t allow death to restrict you. It is inevitable, and we never actually die, just our physical bodies do. It’s actually quite comical on the other side that we hold so much fear in losing out bodies when really it’s a relief to not be so constricted, but of course, we understand the emotional attachment and help you overcome the loss. 

The truth is, we don’t know our true selves. We are distracted by our likes, dislikes, upbringing, and the life we created for ourselves. The core of our soul, who we really are, our higher self, is encapsulated in this cocoon of our physical existence and personalities. So I’m incredibly curious to know who my higher self is. Which is why I encourage all of you to always grow and do better and find yourself because its a step closer to understanding your core being. 

Anyways, I could talk forever about the afterlife, but let me know if you have any questions by commenting below.

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