Declutter Your Life

This week, we go over how to declutter your life to maintain your lifestyle health, which in turn helps your mental health! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share with your friends! Twitter and IG: @TheTAURUST Purchase your personalized Taurust Guide Here: All graphics made by me, audio and luts purchased by me with proof of ownership.

If you’re familiar with my previous videos on how to map out your life, you’ll know exactly where I’m going with this one. Every season I declutter my life, so about 4 times a year. But technically this is a daily maintenance and you’ll see why soon. In my last video, we talked about mental health and how it impacts you physically and environmentally as well. So this video will kind of be the ‘HOW TO’ of cleaning up your lifestyle health so that your mental health can thrive easier. 

Having a clean house mentally clears your vision. Reducing negativity makes room for positivity in your mind. Achieving goals reduces anxiety and gives you less to worry about. 

If you know me by now you know we gonna need a paper and pen 😀 Use your bullet journal for this if you ended up getting one in my last videos. We’re making lists!

Okay so if you are in a lower mental state, you may feel inclined to be in your bedroom or bed alot. So let’s first start with what we need to clean here. Your bedsheets? The floors? Do you need to dust? Light a candle? Maybe fold your clothes on the laundry chair or clean your makeup brushes if you wear makeup? Whatever it is, clean your room so you can at least feel like the only mess is your mindset when you’re stuck in bed all day. 

Cool. Now let’s think about other living spaces. Does your bathroom cabinet need organizing? Need to clean that tub so you can relax in a nice self care bath? Maybe your towels are due for a wash. 

Living room. Have you wiped down the coffee table or vacuumed under the couch cushions? Spray some febreeze, vacuum. Organize the kitchen cabinets, clean your stove top and get those dishes done! And don’t forget to clean your car too if you have one. That part I really suck at so I can’t talk too much about that part :p 

Anyways, you get the idea. Clean your house, make simple goals you can check off your list so that your living space feels more organized than your mind. These can be things you need to get done on a daily basis, or things you need to do for the season – for me,  I purge my closet every season. If I didn’t wear it last year’s summer, and I didn’t wear it this year’s summer. It’s out. Donate that to your local drop off box. 

Ok, your house is clean. But what errands do you need to get done this week? Do you need to return those clothes to TJ Maxx? Stop by the bank? Pick up a birthday present? Plan that out and write it down so you can see it. If you have homework, plan time to set aside for it and write down what is due for what day so you can plan accordingly. I love planning things out as far in advance as I can so that I can see how my week will go, and in turn how the day will go. Focusing on just today everyday makes a productive week, month and year. 

This works well with your finances also. I showed you how to journal previously and mentioned how I lay out my bills. But I’ll reiterate here that to organize my money, which is a huge stressor for most people, I write down everything thats due and the amount due and when. I make my monthly calendar, For me having 2 months ahead for bills is good because I can see what will roll over into the next month between paydays. 

So I mark on the calendar the bill: electric, rent, care credit, paypal, whatever. And then I mark my paydays. Let’s say 3 bills are due before my next pay day. Add them up and subtract them from what your next paycheck should look like and then you know what you owe, what you have left if you want to save it, spend it, or roll it over into next pay periods bills to get ahead etc. 

Not having to worry about money in this way I can tell you from my experience, takes a huge weight off my shoulders and gives me a better idea of what I do and do not have. It also brought down my debt exponentially just by organizing.

The next thing you need to declutter and most important thing is the negativity in your life. When you think about who you truly enjoy spending your time with, put their name down and set it aside. Then write down a list of people whom you see time to time but you really just don’t enjoy it or it feels forced or it brings more problems than not. This includes family, friends, and coworkers. Whoever it is, even your parents, be selfish in this moment and honest with yourself of who you find negative in your life. 

Now that you have a list of these people. Find out ways how you can limit your time with them or set boundaries. If you find that you are parenting your parent or being used. Try to find ways to set boundaries if you truly want them in your life. If you cannot stand your friend who is always putting you down but for some reason you still hang out with them, you need to drop them. Ghost. Pce out. Bye bye. This is obviously easier said than done and even harder for some than others but really. In order to save your mental health- you really need to be cold in moments like these. This is the moment to be selfish. With negative people come negative energy, results and actions. You want that new car? But you want to stay around leeches? That new car will be destroyed sooner than your lease is up. Do you. And be comfortable being selective of who you surround yourself with. If you fear more of having less friends than to rid toxicity, you need to find some sort of self worth in yourself which we can work on together right now, and even more excessively in later videos. 

Self worth is a way to declutter your life that no one talks about, but how are you supposed to think clearly if you don’t feel good inside and out? It’s like looking your best on exam day so you can produce better results. You wouldn’t show up to a job interview in sweatpants would you?

So take you list and think about what you NEED to do for yourself. Do you need to get a haircut? Cut your nails? Do a skin care routine? Schedule a dr appointment? Buy new shoes? Make these priority. Then make a list of things you WANT and scatter these as rewards after you do decluttering in the other parts of your life. Things like getting highlights, acrylic nails, a shopping spree, new seat covers in your car, that new computer part you were eyeing. 

I stand by my reasoning that laying things down on paper and viewing them visually helps organize your thoughts in your mind. It’s an unspoken gameplan that once you hold yourself accountable, it becomes a lifestyle of productivity – which day by day turns into a healthier mindset. Your anxiety, depression, and even mania will follow suit once this becomes your normal. 

As much as a Taurus I am, I love new beginnings. So purging my belongings, routine, and negativity is crucial for someone like me who can get overstimulated and overwhelmed on a whim. This way of thinking is not intended to be an overly busy bot performing tasks you don’t want to do, but rather a visual layout of what you need on a seasonal and day to day basis. Out with the old, in with the new. 

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