How to Spot a Zodiac Sign: Part 2

This week, we talk about Libra-Pisces! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share with your friends!

The Libra scales are another one of my favorite signs, and they are known for their dependability and diplomacy. Libras are said to be ones who fight for what’s right, but I have not witnessed this in all of the libras I’ve met. Libras fight for what is right for THEM, in my opinion. But what is right for them, is usually in everyone’s best interest. 

Libras are not good at communicating their emotions. Like cancer, they would rather tell a white lie to get out of something than to be honest and say they don’t want to go. 

In any career a libra has, they will excel and be acknowledged tremendously at their job. It comes natural for the libra to move up the ladder. 

When it comes to life, Libras think long term and want a traditional lifestyle. They long for stability and a partner to share their life with. They are one of- if not the most- loyal signs. Libras are great with money and the type to have a secret savings account. They are the type to talk more than they do, and if they do end up doing something, its behind the scenes and not in the eyes of the public. 

Librans are lone wolves who enjoy life with their partner and close family. Friends are either scarce or not present – as Libras have trust issues and hate wasting time. They tend to be noticed for more traditional features.

Although the most confident sign, Libras when depressed in love can be the most annoying. They tend to be the clingiest of signs and the biggest hopeless romantics. It may take a long time or sheer luck to find the one for a libra. When mad, Libras will explode and not shut up. They know how to flip a switch from gregarious to ice cold in a second. Leaving you stunned and scared. 

Libras will always work hard to keep their relationship afloat even if they are not happy. They believe in fixing the foundation rather than moving on. Libras tend to own their houses and cars, and are always eating out and buying new things. Libras tend to not be victim to any substances but socially dabble if in the mood. If anything, they may be a frequent smoker or drinker but always in control of themselves. 

Scorpios.. What the hell is wrong with you? Just kidding, but Scorpios seriously have such a bad rep and sometimes I know why and sometimes I really don’t. 

The scorpion is unpredictable. Will they sting? Will they mind their business? Who knows. The Scorpio never stays in one group of friends. Its either because they burn those bridges or get bored of them. That being said, scorpios are the type of person you will need to approach if you want a friendship, but once you do, they are reliable friends. 

Scorpios are easy to like and easy to hate. They often over compensate in one way or another to boost their self esteem, but are generally cute and interesting people. Scorpios know what they want in life when it comes to their career, their friends, and their lovers. They don’t tolerate anything they don’t like, and tend to idolize their father figure. 

The scorpion is known for their mysterious and secretive nature. I really just think that it comes down to their need for privacy. They don’t tend to overshare their business and that’s something we could all learn from them. A private life is a happy life for the Scorpio, but if you strike a chord with them, they won’t hesitate to hit you where it hurts. 

Scorpios tend to hang out with their own gender identity for the most part. They like to be emotionally understood and be with like-minded people. They have strong opinions and tend to have raw and witty humor. 

A Scorpio tends to be in long-term relationships and does not conform to society when it comes to their approach on life. They go with the flow and do what works for them. A scorpio will most likely own their assets and have few or no kids. They live for the experience and think short-term. A scorpio is not known for being victim to addiction, but may dabble is smoking or drinking socially. 

The Sagittarius is represented by the archer. They are the ‘shoot their shot’ type of people and opportunists at heart. A sagittarius person is light hearted and tends to laugh at life’s expenses to get through it. 

The archer does not conform to society and lives a rather untraditional lifestyle. They are not ones to stay at the same job for decades, and are usually those who rent out houses and move often. Even if a sagittarius jumps job to job, they will work overtime as much as they can. 

A sagittarius will be hurtful if they feel they need to be. They know how to grind people’s gears and also know their sweet spots. They are usually good at manipulating others because they learned from people who manipulated them over and over again. 

This being said, the sagittarius can tend to be overly generous and look out for others before themselves. Like cancer, this can leave them behind in the game of life if not careful. Consequences do not come first for the archer, because they are in the moment type thinkers and want to take the alternate route rather than the traditional. 

Nontraditional people like the sagittarius are the most fun to hang around. They are the alluring lover, and the outgoing friend who will spontaneously go to a concert with you last minute. They will dance and eat with you all night if you want to, and tend to keep the same friends for life otherwise they burn their bridges. 

Philosophical at heart, Sagitarrians can often be looked at as ‘out there’ or ‘unrealistic’. They think outside the box which can lead to entrepreneurial advantages or at worst, assumptions. Sagittarians are most likely to lease assets and rent houses, and can be victim to divorce, and tend to be smokers. They are magnetic in appearance.

The Capricorn is represented by the goat.. With a mermaid tail. Which is funny because if you have a hard time guessing someone’s sign, they’re most likely a Capricorn. Capricorns are all individually unique people. In my opinion, there’s no way to classify them. They all have their own personalities. Probably because they’re the elders of the signs. 

That being said, people tend to classify Capricorns as boring because they’re more mature. But I’ve been surprised by other capricorns, who are fun or incredibly immature. I stick to my statement that they are all individually unique. 

Capricorns are generally beautiful people. They are good at teaching others and are self sufficient. They learn to be independent at a young age and rely on only themselves. Capricorns have friends but tend to feel like the lone wolf no matter how big the crowd is. They feel as though they do not fit in anywhere. And hate people, as friendly as they are. 

A capricorn has dark humor and is generally funny because of it. They are cool people to get to know and are comfortable to hang out with. They are humane and try to always do the right thing. Most Capricorns are loyal to a fault and want to provide for their loved ones. 

The Cap has dark features no matter the color eyes or hair, and carries an old soul with them. They are traditional yearning folk with a crabby grandpa attitude to them, and they live for stability and long term goals. 

The Aquarius is a water bearer who is also a unique individual by nature. Unlike the Capricorn, the Aquarius does not have high standards to conform to society but more often than not gets lucky in their career. 

Aquarians put effort into their passions, but in career – they usually get lucky with a sufficient job in which they have little care to be responsible for. They may not even ask for a promotion or privilege and get it anyways at random. 

The Aquarius individual is someone who has quirky humor and laughs at their own jokes. They understand culture more than the status quo, and tend to be potheads more than anything. They can be messy people who are organized in their minds or in other odd places, and for some reason, animals are drawn to them like moths to a flame. 

The water bearer often has big dreams that they do not accomplish because they often settle for the sufficient job that was given to them. If they realized their true potential, they could be as big as they wanted to be. 

Aquarians are not quiet by nature, and they have knowledge stored in their head from lightyears ago. So if you get them talking, they may never shut up if they’re truly passionate about it. Nonetheless, Aquarians are good friends that will stick by your side. They are loyal to their friendships and you can call them at 3am. 

They can tend to be hot headed and annoyed easily. So you may find yourself going, woah, once in a while if you’re close enough. They are most likely to rent houses and own cars, have bad luck in love, and live for experience. Aquarians are short term thinkers and generally have pleasant facial features and ideal bodies. 

Last but not least, the Pisces fish. Pisces are another one of my favorite signs because they are honestly super easy to get along with and just go with the flow of life. They are the innocent souls of the bunch and i just want to squeeze them all. 

The pisces are known for their heads in the clouds. They are not grounded people who are always in their fantasy world. They tend to be hopeless romantics because they are delusional about their partner and desperate for love in one shape or form- which can cause short term relationships or long periods of being single. 

That being said, they can either be too picky or not picky enough. Pisces rarely stay at one job for decades and live for experience. They try to be on the move in some way or another as much as they can because they get bored easily with routine. 

The pisces people are the kind you can talk to for hours and lose track of time. When you try to say goodbye, you’ll find yourself with them for another hour somehow. They are naturally fun people who are non-judgmental and always thriving to learn new things about themselves, and to better themselves. 

The pisces are naturally in tune with their spirit even if they do not realize it. They are the ‘spirit’ of the zodiacs. The life after death. So they have an easier connection with their soul and higher purpose. This can result in them not getting much out of the physical world, leading to hallucinogen use. 

Isn’t it funny how aries and pisces, are both closest to the spirit realm and most likely to pertain to psychedelics? We might be onto something here. 

Pisces will most likely rent, and are all individually unique in some form. But if stuck on someone they love, they may never let it go and would rather be single than to move on. 

That is the end of this segment. Like I’ve mentioned before, rising signs, moon signs, and planets can determine different kinds of zodiac stereotypes so if you feel this didn’t fit the description of you or someone you know and you want a personalized description fit to your exact birthday, location and time. Visit SHOP where I can give that to you. 

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