How to Spot a Zodiac Sign: Part 1

This episode, I teach you how to spot a zodiac sign starting with Aries through Virgo. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share with your friends! Twitter and IG: @TheTAURUST Purchase your personalized Taurust Guide Here: All graphics made by me, audio and luts purchased by me with proof of ownership.

We all know that one girl in the group who always has to ask, ‘what’s your zodiac sign?’

That’s me.

The reason people like me are so annoying is because we know so much about zodiac signs and can accurately pinpoint what kind you are. It’s sort of like a guessing game in which we seek validation on our guessing skills, and I’ll teach you how to do it.

There are 12 zodiac signs in western astrology, and while there are stereotypes for each sign, there are other aspects in people’s natal chart that make guessing their zodiac sign a little more difficult. 

I personally love knowing people’s zodiac signs because it’s a good indication without judgement of who is around you and what kind of person you are interacting with. If you know you don’t get along with Leo’s, you might want to be a bit more reserved in what you say or do – whereas with a pisces, you know you can feel comfortable warming up to them and being yourself. 

Everyone without knowing wears this shield of a mask when they meet someone, and I prefer to know people for who they are rather than what they show me because not only do I not tolerate facetiousness, but I also find most people are misunderstood and deserve the benefit of the doubt if they victim to misrepresentation. 

So let’s begin, starting with Aries, the ram, and the baby of the zodiacs. 

Aries people have a raw, rough look and approach to life. By that I mean, they are more known by their actions than their looks because they are the type of people who live by the saying – ‘actions are louder than words’. They live for experience and are the type who need to fall a couple times before they learn because they think if they try it again only differently or with more optimism and effort- it might work out. 

Unfortunately, they learn the hard way that this is not always the case, but their good intentions and optimism is incredibly noble. 

Aries are passionate people- not only in bed but in life. They do everything with all or nothing and love taking risks. They LIVE. However, because they tend to be in the moment people, all of the projects they’ve started with incredible determination can be susceptible to being left unfinished if it takes more than a couple days to execute. Their passion can also lead to a fiery and unpredictable temper – which doesn’t take much to ignite. 

Aries tend to be slow moving but confident creatures who rarely ever second guess themselves. They are non-conforming to society and not very traditional people. They enjoy the alternate route, the road less traveled. They have high hopes but they lack the detail in planning their strategy. They are not followers whatsoever but do like being a part of a group. Aries are intimidating at first glance but really easy to get along with if you approach them with kindness. If not, be prepared to be a lifelong enemy. 

Aries usually rent and lease assets, have short term relationships, and travel extensively for not good reason other than why not. Aries can also be victim to substance abuse, particularly alcohol and or hallucinogens. 

Onto Taurus ❤ Surprisingly not my FAVORITE zodiac but definitely not the worst. Taurus are the wooly bullies of the zodiacs. 

Taurus people are known for their loyalty and stability. This does not always mean to their partners or career depending on the taurus, but can mean in friendships, themselves, their children, family, or all of the above. It’s clear which one you’ve found when you meet them. 

Taurus people are open books, they lay themselves out on the table and you don’t even have to ask, which can be jolting for more reserved zodiac signs. Because of this, they are known for their brute honesty and trustworthiness. Most people get along very well and quickly with Taurus because Taurus is friends with all walks of life. If you don’t get along with Taurus, you might want to do some self-reflection. 

Taurus are said to be lazy which I will rephrase to- Taurus have low standards and settle. Taurus does not want to be a superstar, they just want to afford as much food and room as they need. So they do not strive to be money chasers and let the money come and go. Taurus are unbothered people. They will not put effort into something that isn’t reciprocated unless they really want it. They will not clean their house if they are not in a cleaning mood. They will not do their homework until last minute because they “work better under pressure”, and they do not go after rich spouses – they go after people they truly love.  It works for us, ok?

Taurus live for long term goals and are traditional people, so most Taurus own homes and live that American Dream as best as they can. That being said, they have long lasting relationships unless their partner isn’t on the same page. Taurus are usually pot smokers, but because of their experimental nature, they try a little bit of everything, including sobriety. 

You might spot a Taurus for their dark features, even the arian race has them, and their magnetizing appeal. Taurus are sensual and beautiful by nature – even if they have a raw look to them. 

The twins of Gemini are known for being the life of the party and life long friend. Gemini’s by nature are good with money. Naturally, they are career driven people with a clear path of how to obtain it. They almost always live their full potential occupationally. 

It’s not like Gemini’s LOVE to talk, but they tend to talk more than others and their audience listens and responds when they do. You won’t find a Gemini having a hard time being heard in an overlapping conversation. Mostly because they’re frickin hilarious without trying. 

The Gemini twins tend to have high standards for themselves and everyone around them, so they can come off a bit cold or detached to empathy. Because of this, Gemini’s are most likely to be divorced. 

The features of Gemini almost always contain some sort of youthfulness in their face. Whether its puffy cheeks, a baby face, anti-aging skin, or eyes that smile- Gemini’s are youthful both inside and out. They are the people to go on vacation with and invite to your house party. They are loyal friends, and always smiling or laughing. 

Gemini’s will most likely own a house and resell it because they have a hard time being rooted. They are on the go type of people. They think long term and are also traditional like Taurus, and have the tendency to indulge in alcohol or sobriety. 

A Gemini will always finish what they start and are confident planners. They don’t tend to do or buy things they don’t need. And although they can be judgemental when irked, they get along with just about anybody. If you and a Gemini are in an argument, they will most likely sweep it under the rug instead of talking it over with you or apologizing. This can be frustrating for most Zodiacs, but the Gemini is all about living their best life instead of dwelling. 

The Crabby Cancer is one of my favorite signs because they just love to live and let live. They are also known for their raw openness however not so much for their honesty. The cancer wants to be liked and hates to hurt people’s feelings for the most part even if they deny it. That being said, they would rather lie than to tell someone why they really can’t go to your function, or sugarcoat how they feel about that ugly skirt you’re wearing. Cancer’s do this so often that they start to believe their own white lies because they get called out on it too often. If you can get past their ridiculousness, you will love the nurturing cancer. 

Cancerians are the mom of the friend group – gender irrelevant- they will take care of their people before themselves. So much in fact, that they leave themselves with nothing and get left behind in the game of life. This can cause resentment and leave the crab complaining day and night to whoever that will listen, so always let your cancer friend know that you love and appreciate them and are listening. 

Whatever genes the Cancer was given, they have an attractive look that says ‘welcome home’. You will naturally feel safe with a Cancer and want to spend your time with them. They are down for anything and don’t care much about consequences because they fall under peer pressure. Like I said, they just want to be liked and fit in- so they might tend to force their way in. If they cannot force their way in, expect them to be butthurt and bad mouth said group. 

A cancer will answer your call at 3 in the morning and be there for you with whatever you need. They are the best friend that supports you in whatever decision you make – but will tell you their concerns. They are down to earth people- and always have the craziest stories that you’d think were a part of their white lies, but are not. 

Cancers are usually known to rent houses, although they make any house a home. They are prone to habits like smoking and drinking and are more victim to being an addict. They will rarely take accountability – but are natural people pleasers who see the good in everybody. They take people on who want them to fix them- which never works out. So their relationship duration is unpredictable depending on their ‘project’. Once the Cancer finds a relationship they don’t have to fix, they are golden. 

 The Leo, represented by the lion- is a zodiac sign you either love or hate. Leos are in some way or another, as we all know – in the spotlight. Whereas limelight comes naturally to Gemini’s – Leo’s fight for the attention and get jealous when they have to share it. Leo’s love competition, but if they have to compete after they’ve already won the prize, it’s no longer worth it. 

Leo’s are one of the most dedicated partners- most relationships don’t end on their account, but they do fall victim to short-term relationships, and quick marriages led by divorce. Most Leo’s find a job and stick to it. Whatever job they land, they work hard at it and are most likely to be senior staff with higher pay and privileges than entry level staff. They are said to be the most reliable workers. 

The Leo is always laughing because life is full of excitement and fun for them. They live for loyalty and happiness. Leos tend to interrupt others in conversation which can be frustrating for other signs and looked at as disrespectful. 

The lion is most likely to have a group of friends and want to be part of a pact, but will grow older realizing they are a lone wolf with a tight circle. Family is most important to them, especially their parents. 

Leo’s are annoying by nature and nurturing by nature. They will take care of you even if they don’t like you. Some can see this as two-faced, but they really just can’t help being generous. Quick to judge, Leos are straight up with how they feel and not afraid to be honest. They are the knight in shining armor amongst their family, friends, and lover. 

Leo’s are most likely to rent and lease. They are photogenic by nature and have the prettiest smile. Leo’s usually have more than one kid and more boys than girls. They think short term and try to live traditional lifestyles as much as they can, although it’s never quite their vision. Leo’s tend to either be victims of alcohol and choose to be sober. 

Virgo. The Virgin, the maiden. Is known for their meticulousness and their calculative mind. They’re either street smart, or book smart. Never both. The virgo is naturally beautiful and also naturally intimidating. Many Virgos- gender irrelevant- are surrounded by more males than females due to their weariness or shyness of females. 

Virgo is the dude of the zodiacs. They are the ones who always wants to hang out, and always the ones who are either always single, or always have a new boo on their arm. They either love to argue or don’t know how to resolve conflict. They are the bipolar of mental illness. 

Virgo’s are the type who go on vacation and bring their friend back a souvenir. They are the ones you laugh with till 4 am on a saturday night and get breakfast with sunday morning. And for some reason, Virgos cannot hold their liquor to save their life. 

You will notice a Virgo for their voice. They tend to talk more than others and have a voice like a songbird. They are passionate in their likes and dislikes. They are also quick learners and reliable in the work force. They do well in fast-pace environments. 

A virgo will let you know when they are upset and make it known. However, you will have to make it right if you want to be on their good side. Once you do, things are right where they left off and the fight is in the past. They are honest and brutal people who stand up for what they believe in and do not care what others think. They look good in any outfit they wear.

Virgo’s tend to rent houses and own cars. They have bright features even with brunette hair and eyes. They laugh a lot, and have a tendency to be victim to alcohol and coke. 

Rising signs, moon signs, and planets can determine different kinds of zodiac stereotypes so if you feel this didn’t fit the description of you or someone you know and you want a personalized description fit to your exact birthday, location and time. Visit my website at SHOP where I can give that to you.

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