How to Have a Good Day

Today, we talk about the things you can do to make every day a good day. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share with your friends!

Keep in mind, obviously this excludes tragedy and things beyond our control like work and appointments, and if you cannot or don’t get to do something  on the list, there’s always another time or way!

It’s super important to have a good day because good days add up just like the bad days do and this affects our overall mood and mental health. Little did we know, that even on the bad days, we can do things in our control to make sure its not so terrible, and we can make even the good days, better days. All you need to do is make the time for it.

To have a good day, we actually need to start with the night before. Make sure you at least get 8 hours of sleep. The second most important factor is waking up early for you non morning birds. If you fall asleep by midnight, wake up at 8am. Try not to sleep past 9:30 AM so that you can have the day to yourself. 

Sleep is a vital factor in your emotional and physical well being, so if this isn’t one of your priorities, it really should be. 

Wake up early in the morning. 6am-9am is a good window as long as you got your 8 hours in. Everyone loves to sleep in, but no one can deny that watching the world wakeup is true beauty and peace. Make sure to make your bed as soon as you step out of it so it’s the first thing you accomplished and cleaned today. Wake up with your breakfast and or morning coffee and prepare for the rest of the day. 

The third most important thing I want to emphasize is to get all your house chores done as soon as you’re finished waking up. Dishes, Laundry, Floors, Plants. It shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half for most of it. I’d say Dishes are a must to do so you don’t have a full sink. Whatever you need to clean in your house, do it. If you need to make a list or categorize your priorities like I do, feel free. I love lists. 

If you don’t have house chores and you exercise, workout during this time or immediately after the house chores. If you don’t work out, we’ll just make that our next year’s resolution, won’t we? 

It should still be before noon at this point, so go take a shower and clean off all that sweat and get dressed and ready for the day. If you need to shower in order to wake up, then this will be your second shower so you can refresh, and begin again. Have you ever heard that if you look your best on the day of an exam, you’ll perform better? Same goes for the day in general. If you spend the day in sweats and bed head- you’re going to feel like a bum the whole day. So get dressed and look like you’re ready to take on the day!

Now that you’ve gotten your chores and or workout done, let’s be productive in the other parts of our life that matter just as much. Use this next hour and a half or so to do productive things that matter to you. Like journaling, playing an instrument, meditating,  creating content, reading, gardening, crafting, etc.  No TV or phone scrolling unless its truly educational. It has to be productive and make you happy. This is your learning and hobby time. 

This is the reward you get for everything you did before your shower, and also remains productive so that you get what you WANT to get done vs what you NEED to get done. Accomplishment is a huge key to a good day, because if the day goes awry, at least you’re 5 steps ahead and not 10 steps back. 

It should be around noon now, so make yourself lunch and relax. Personally, I love taking a short cat nap after I eat lunch so if that’s what you need, do it. Make sure you’re back up before 2 or so. 

The rest of the day is truly up to you, but already you feel good for cleaning your house and doing something that matters to you. You have the REST of the day to relax, veg out, get fresh air, do errands outside of the house, organize that drawer, visit family and friends, game or whatever you want. I suggest listening to music you love at any point of the day, especially when you’re cleaning, because it really just emphasizes that good mood. If you can, sing as loud as you can or do a lil concert in your mirror, that always makes me feel great. 

So around the evening, get your dinner ready and eat.  Now the time between finishing your meal and going to bed should have some sort of dedicated hour or so to do some self care. Gender irrelevant, take care of your nails, body hair, lotion your body and do a mask or do your skin care routine – something that makes you feel like you did upkeep on your personal appearance and even better, your self esteem. This will make you excited to start the day tomorrow, and relax you for a good night’s sleep. The Rest of the night is yours, and make sure you get those 8 hours of sleep in. 

Now, it is possible to do all of this AND work a full time job, but of course, this requires waking up earlier and crunching out some things like your afternoon siesta and second shower. So be easy on yourself, and do what you can. Just remember to give yourself plenty of sleep, wake up early, get the boring stuff over with, reward yourself with fun productivity, veg out, and then set aside  some self care. I guarantee by the end of the day, you’re going to think to yourself that it wasn’t such a bad day afterall.

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