Understanding Your Natal Chart: Part 3

Our final natal chart guide which explains the outer celestial bodies so that we can better understand how to map out our life. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share with your friends! TheTAURUST.com Twitter and IG: @TheTAURUST Facebook.com/TheTAURUST Purchase your personalized Taurust Guide Here: https://shopthetaurust.com/ All graphics made by me, audio and luts purchased by me with proof of ownership.

The inner planets are mostly conscious, individual aspects, whereas the outer planets, are more so karmic and environmental elements not necessarily in your control. They’re the big picture, rather. And to start, we’ll be talking about Jupiter! Which rules the 9th and 12th house of Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is all about abundance, so wherever it is in your chart, is where your luck is. 

In the 1st, Jupiter brings you a large personality and looks. You’re probably outgoing and happy more often than not. 

In the 2nd, Money is brought forward. You would be the perfect advocate for casinos, or entrepreneurship. 

Jupiter in the 3rd expands your mind, so you probably get bored easily. The quarantine probably isn’t sitting so well with you right now. 

In the 4th, Jupiter represents a large family. If not yours already, the one you create. You probably love your family, and either want a big house, or more than 1!

The 5th shows that children like you, so your children will probably be happy. You probably have a lot of toys as an adult, whether its action figures, vehicles, or drama. 

In the 6th, we see that you want your job to expand. This is perfect for businesses that want to open up more branches. 

The 7th indicates that your partner will bring blessings into your life, and that you long to be married because you love to give your all to the person you love. 

Jupiter in the 8th is great for financial advisers and charities, because you help others raise money.

In the 9th, Jupiter is emphasized, so here we see you are an honest person, who probably gets the opportunity to travel to foreign countries. 

The 10th shows that you will have a large career, because you are a natural born leader, and the 11th says that you have a lot of friends! People like you. 

And finally, with Jupiter emphasizing the 12th house, we see that you are protected by guardian angels. You enjoy your privacy, and you are naturally spiritually in tune.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, and rules the 10th and 11th house of Capricorn and Aquarius. Wherever Saturn lies, is where you want to control. 

In the 1st house, Saturn means you were born wise. You may have grown up fast, or were a mature child who followed the rules and took care of others. 

In the 2nd, Saturn shows us that you are financially responsible and aim to be stable. So you probably make money in a structured, traditional environment to ensure you have substantial income. 

The 3rd house says that you are a realist, who thinks seriously and logically expresses ideas. 

Saturn in the 4th, means you either are or have a strict parent. You will make sure you own a home in this lifetime, and you are seriously family orientated. 

The 5th, shows us that you take being a parent seriously. Fun is something you make sure goes right when you’re in charge. 

In the 6th, we see that you are a hard worker. You are repulsed by the thought of someone viewing you as a slacker. You lead well, take your health seriously, and you enjoy structure. 

7th shows us that you attract codependent partners. Don’t let others drag you down. 

Saturn in the 8th says that you are naturally trustworthy. Your fears may be transformed in this lifetime, probably because you have that “get to the source” mindset. 

In the 9th, we see that you are more apt to have traditional beliefs if not tied to a specific religion. And in the 10th, Saturn is emphasized, which tells us that you have the ability to climb the corporate ladder, and may have or will be a strict father figure. 

Saturn is also emphasized in the 11th, which tells us that you take friendship seriously, making you a natural group leader.

And in the 12th, Saturn means you enjoy being low key, which may stem from your fear of the unknown. 

Uranus is the planet of Rebellion and Insight, which rules the 11th house of Aquarius. 

Uranus in the 1st house, tells us that your look, personality, or voice catches people’s attention. It’s unique,  magnetic and addicting. 

In the 2nd, we see that you don’t fit the structure. So you’re probably in a trade or freelance. 

In the 3rd, we see that your quirky personality is prone to car trouble and car accidents, so if you can, please invest in newer, safer vehicles to lessen the damage. 

Uranus in the 4th says that your home life is unpredictable and may be even unstable. There could be tension here, just make sure your family is happy and emotionally okay if this is the case. 

In the 5th, we see that your eldest child is unique, and possibly impulsive. And in the 6th, we see that same lifestyle as Uranus in the 2nd house, except in this 6th house, we also see that you have unpredictable health. The good news is that you self heal, so these are only temporary disadvantages. 

Uranus in the 7th house shows us that you attract odd people, and so your relationships are unique, and people view you as unique because you are who you hang out with. 

In the 8th, Uranus shows us that you are a natural psychic, with your own innovation whose rebellious nature will transform. 

Uranus in the 9th says you believe in rebellion, but you are a humanitarian at heart. 

The 10th says that you have a unique image to the public eye. And since Uranus is strongest in the 11th, we see here that you love people, even if you don’t always want to be around them. 

And finally in the 12th, Uranus means there is some sort of secret rebellion inside of you that you have yet to point out. 

Neptune is the planet of illusion and dreams, and it rules the 12th house of Pisces.

In the 1st house, we see that you know how to get lost in yourself. Cosplay and acting is common here.

Neptune is the 2nd indicates you create money without even trying, and the 3rd house says you have a hard time saying what’s on your mind. You may like to exaggerate though when you do.

In the 4th, Neptune could mean you wish so much for the dream home and family, that you tend to overlook the underlying issues. 

5th with Neptune might indicate that you adore your kids SO much, that you may be blind to their mischief. 

In the 6th, we see that you lose yourself in the work that you do, and in the 7th, Neptune says you tend to be a hopeless romantic. For those in the 7th house, please learn to set boundaries and understand your self worth. 

Neptune in the 8th tells us that at some point in your life, you will unveil the truth and be a realist. This suggests some type of disappointment to open your eyes.

In the 9th, you believe in the bigger picture. You love meeting new people and want to travel the world.

The 10th house shows us that people see you as a dreamer who wants to serve mankind, and the 11th says that you adore your friends – even the ones who deceive you.

And the 12th with Neptune is emphasized, so this means you are a giver, who needs alone time, and is naturally in tune with your spirit.

And lastly, Pluto which was formerly a planet, represents control and transformation, ruling the 8th house of Scorpio. 

Pluto in the 1st house tells us you are black and white with no grey area. You like being in control of yourself.

Pluto in the 2nd says you like to control money. A Job in finance or banking would suit you.

In the 3rd, Pluto tells us that you bite your tongue a lot, and that your perspective may change. And the 4th, says that you try to control your family environment a little too much. This will be a result of or cause transformation in the home. Try to pull back the reigns.

In the 5th, we see that you are impulsive in fun – so be careful. You may also be a stricter parent. 

In the 6th, You may be the type to experiment with diets. You like being in control in your health, and you take on projects at work.

The 7th says you go hard or go home in your relationships. This can cause unnecessary affairs and toxic relationships especially in the form of controlling your partner or being controlled by your partner. Try to find balance and go slow.

Pluto is emphasized in the 8th house, and here it tells us that you look deeper into people and situations. This may be the cause of transformation in your need to control.

Pluto in the 9th indicates your beliefs will transform, and the 10th house says people view you as a powerful figure at work. However, work may undergo transformation.

The 11th says you like to control groups rather than be controlled. You may have different groups of friends throughout your life.

And finally, Pluto in the 12th means you have an underlying fear of being controlled, so you like to control from behind the scenes. 

This concludes Understanding your Natal Chart, again if you still don’t understand your chart, no worries, it’s a lot to take in and comprehend – I offer doing your chart for you on my website so there’s always that option but if you are getting the hang of it awesome, we will be using this information to finish mapping out our life.

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