Understanding Your Natal Chart: Part 1

In order to understand how to map out our life, we first need to understand our natal chart so we know what were looking at. In this video, we go over the natal chart at first glance.

To understand how to put it all together, we need to understand the natal chart. Most free websites will give you an explanation, but understanding your natal chart yourself is a true blessing. 

You have your Date, location, and time of birth, and the natal chart laid out for you. Now what? We’ll be going over understanding the overview of your chart from first glance. 

The 12 sections of the charts are called houses, and they represent different areas in your life.

The planets are the “what” in your life.

The signs that your houses have explain the “how” of the “what” and “where”. So if you think of how people are characterized by their sun signs- the stubborn bull, the analytical virgo and so on, you would apply that set of characteristics to the house and planet it aligns with in your chart.

If you cut your chart in half along the horizon, you can see what your ascendant or rising sign is, and what your descending sign is. On the left, where your 1st house starts, is the rising sign. It represents how you project yourself to others and how you experience life. On the opposite side where your 7th house starts is your descending sign. This is the “shadow” you, who you are not. BUT it’s most likely who you’re attracted to in relationships with others due to it being that opposites attract. 

You may also see in more modern charts, a glyph that looks like a lil horseshoe. This is your North node, and directly opposite to where it lies, is where your South Node is. Your North Node represents what major life lesson you need to work on in the lifetime and future lifetimes until mastered. Your south node is what you have already mastered in past lives. Keep in mind, your south node is your comfort zone, so if you find yourself in habits that represent the planets, signs, and house of that south node, try to adapt to north node habits to get a start on checking this new lesson off your list. 

Also in more modern charts, there might be a glyph called chiron, which kind of looks like a key. Chiron represents something traumatic you will heal from in this lifetime and use to teach and help others based on your experience. Chiron is technically a body that follows the same orbit as our planets, but isn’t quite a planet. 

As you may know, your sun sign is one of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Your chart is also represented by an element, depending on which is more prominent. The characteristics of the element  may be represented in your life more than others.

Same goes for Modes; even though your sun sign has its own mode, your life does too.

If you don’t see any planets in certain houses, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you won’t make money or fall in love. It simply means your energies will be focused on different areas in life. So if there’s nothing in your second house, it could mean money isn’t an issue, so you get to focus on other things! You may also see aspects mentioned in your chart, which are the measured relations between the planets in the measurement of degrees, but we won’t be getting into them for the sake of staying concise. 

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