How to Map Out Your Life: Part 1

In this sequel, I show you how to map out your life using your ideal future and your natal chart. This is a personalized guide for you to live the life you want to live. follow along with this sequel as you map out your journey and or purchase the workbook with or without it done for you at Twitter and Instagram: @TheTAURUST Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

This is intended to be an interactive workshop, so you will need something to take notes on. Doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be pen and paper, your memo’s or notebook on your phone etc. As long as you have access to it later on for when we add more elements into it and pull it all together. You can also purchase the workbook under SHOP or have me map your life for you on my website as well!

So why is mapping out your life important? 

Some of us are just winging life day by day, and others like me have been planning their every move since they could talk and think for themselves. Either way, it’s always beneficial to take the time once in a while to realign your values and goals and be mindful of where you are now, and where you want to head.

As the Buddha says: Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it

Giving yourself a gameplan not only holds you accountable, but it also helps you achieve your goals when we can look at them visually. Instead of focusing on what we don’t have, we can focus on what we are trying to obtain. This becomes an exciting journey and a rewarding journey, rather than just living life because you’re breathing. 

We spend so much time focusing on our day to day chores and errands and jobs and drama, that we don’t take the time to clear our mind and focus on what really matters to us. Not taking this time creates a monotonous lifestyle that we leave earth unsatisfied with. 

This workshop is incredibly powerful because not only is it helping you organize your priorities and achieve your goals, but we will also be personalizing your gameplan together for you specifically by including our natal chart in the mix – and for those of you who don’t remember, the natal chart is an astrological snapshot of your current lifetime from the moment you took your first breath. So this is personal, and you’re going to need to get honest with yourself later on – because we all learn and act differently. So how we go about achieving our goals is going to be strategically laid out for you specifically.

Let’s get started. 

What’s great about this task is that your past doesn’t matter. Your actions, your environmental factors such as upbringing and past trauma – none of this is important for this specific agenda because we focus on where you are now, and what step you need to take next – so take a moment to jot down where you are at now in life.

Now, take a moment to jot down your ultimate goals- these goals need to be attainable. Don’t worry about the little things that you need along the way or immediately if it’s not an ultimate life goal, we’ll fit those in eventually.

Before we go further, take a moment to look over your current situation, and then look over to your ideal situation. Think about what steps you might want to take to get to that point. Write it down or keep it in the back of your mind for later. 

Now, and this is the important part, we’re going to categorize the ultimate goals into a chart. It represents the natal chart, but depending on what medium you’re using, you can make a grid, do page by page, just separate it however you want to.  As long as the categories are separated and you have enough room to do it. Here are the 12 categories:

  1. SELF: Personality, Appearance, First impression, Attitude, Identity, Approach to life,  
  2. MONEY: Personal Finances, Material possessions
  3. COMMUNICATION: Thinking/Talking, Siblings
  4. HOME: Family life, Home life, Your Mother Figure
  5. FUN: Kids, Enjoyment, Creativity, Love Affairs
  6. HEALTH: Your health, What you offer people, Your work habits
  7. RELATIONSHIPS: Marriage, Business partnership, Serious relationships
  8. RESOURCES: Psych, Joint assets, Inheritance, Shared finances
  9. BELIEFS: Values, Foreign Travel, Religion, Wisdom, Higher Education
  10. CAREER: Long term goals, Reputation, Your Father Figure
  11. FRIENDS: Groups, Friendship, Hopes and Wishes
  12. SPIRITUALITY: The afterlife, The Subconscious, Hidden, Karma, Healing

If you want to add smaller goals in certain categories, feel free to do so, but to keep it simple for now, I suggest just leaving it as is until you get more comfortable with the concept. 

Now, you will need the time and location you were born. Google “Natal chart” and click whichever link you want as long as it gives you the information we’re looking for. It should give you a circular chart that shows 12 houses, or sections of the chart, and the planets which are represented by glyphs. 

Once you find this information, I want you to write down where the planets are in the categories that you’ve made, and which sign/s (because one house may have two signs) are there as well. So let’s say Jupiter is in the second house, and that house is capricorn, etc. Most charts might include Chiron and/or a North node, so if they do, include them.

Now that you have this all written down, tuck it away for later when we go over it, and feel free to read about your birth chart if the website you’ve chosen goes into depth.

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